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Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015 Art Tour Report No.5  大地の芸術祭 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2015 リポート No.5
Recommended Art Works
It is already the second half of the Triennale period this year.
Among more than 300 works in view, our gallery will be introducing those we would like to especially recommend. 

作品リポート 5
Art Report 5: 

作家名 Artist: レアンドロ・エルリッヒ Leandro Erlich
作品タイトル Title:トンネル Tunnel
作品番号 Work: T224
場所 Location: 越後妻有里山現代美術館(十日町) Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art KINARE
制作年 Year: 2012


Leandro Erlich is an Artist who was born in 1973 from Argentina. We can say, he is the most well known in Japan as a foreign artist who made famous swimming pool in 21st Century museum of contemporary art Kanazawa.

2006年に初めて参加し、大きな鏡を用いた、妻有の家という仮設の作品を発表。その後も2012年から越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ 大地の芸術祭のメインステージの一つ、越後妻有里山美術館[キナーレ]に不思議な倉庫を展示している。

I bet some people still don’t know his work also exhibiting in Echigo-Tsumari.
In his carrier, his first shown his work in Echigo-Tsumari is 2006. And he showed his huge mirror piece that is called “House of Tsumari” After that he has exhibiting his bizarre Storage house in Echigo- Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art KINARE that is one of the main stage of Echigo-Tsumari art triennial since 2012.



Exchange hall KINARE that designed by Hiroshi Hara has been renewed as Contemporary Art museum at Last triennial in 2012.
Fram Kitagawa who is main director of Echigo – Tsumari Art Triennial define those Satoyama area in Echigo- Tsumari as the field museum and he also place the facility as an entrance of it. He tries showing many elements such as the vegetation, climate, food and culture as their microcosm. Leandro’s storage has been placed in the main facility.


(Photo Osamu Nakamura)


Firstly, what things catch our eyes are woods consisted by broad leaf tree in the room when we entered the 1st exhibition room. Inside the trees, there is an storage that the roof formed as Kamaboko (Japanese fishcake) : the roof shaped as a semicircle.


This area has much snow that basically piled it more than 4m height in winter time.
The storage form is well considered to bear the pressure from heavy snow in one of the most heavy snowfall area.


In front of entrance, the oil drum has placed as a normal view of this area even this artwork is located in a museum. Such as well considered and detailed expression shows his own character for his idea for creation.

Inside of this storage you will see it has made as an inside of a tunnel.
That is also made very detailed and you can see it as real. That make me feel moisture of wall and road inside a tunnel.

The tunnel is also the symbolic one which cannot look over in this area.


In Echigo-Tsumari, there are 6 area and more than 200 settlements that some of them are even placed inside mountain. Tunnel is necessary to connect all those areas since it built in 1970s, 

Leandro combine those 2 symbols of this area that artist has been fascinated with since the very first he arrived here to create the art work which is uniquely and distinctive in that area.

The first idea was in 2005. He has handed in his first proposal that is creating real tunnel which has 2 exits that one is visually tricked and one is normal to use in people’s life.
However, that idea was rejected, because, it could be dangerous.
Then he changed his plan finally, and made the huge mirror work in 2006.

The work called tunnel which has done in 2012 was his ardent wish that he keeps the idea warm long time. Finally he made it in form.
Finally, I want to suggest a point how to look at the work better.

Leandro’s work trick us into thinking something real its often using material such as mirror.
However, It is clearly different from a trick art because he uses common things in our daily life to make us doubt our understanding. Therefore, the trick is always easy and let you into the secret purposely.

Actually you can see people are suddenly looked as a giant by some visual effect by this tunnel when you enter inside of the tunnel. But in mostly case, people just go through without realizing it, because they don’t know right way of appreciation of this work.


The people’s positional relation is the most important points for enjoying this work.
If you visiting the site, one person should be positioned near entrance, then look at the other people is keep going through to the exit. When the person get to near the exit, the parson’s body looked gradually getting bigger. In the end, if the person come to the exit, his body looked as changing to a giant who has more than 4m height.
Conversely, from exit point to look at the people in entrance, you can see the depth of the tunnel and people looked as a midget. Please kindly try the both way.

Having physical experience is most fascinated point of artworks in Echigo-Tsumari more than just look at it. This is the reason why this work is here and it’s suitable as the first encounter in this museum.

(レポート 庄司秀行, reported by Hideyuki Shoji, Art Front Gallery)

Triennale passport and guidebooks are also available in our gallery at Daikanyama, Tokyo.  Start planning your trip before getting there in Echingo-Tsumari. 
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